Grillikota 9 m²

The warm atmosphere, the softness of the reindeer hides and the blazing open fire make the grillkota a pleasant place to spend the evening. The grillkota provides a sheltered place to cook in a wilderness atmosphere, even if the yard building is in your backyard. The sophisticated details of the grillkota and the high-quality Lapland products will crown your experience.

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9 m²

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Arctic Grillkota

Arctic Grillkota brings the spirit of Lapland into you own yard. You can enjoy your evening next to a live fire and make an unforgettable experience for your friends and family. Gillkota comes with well equipped grill where you can prepare your food. It is designed for all type of weathers and can be used all year around. Wooden wall and double glazed windows will keep the cold weather outside and during the hotter summer times you can open all the windows. If needed you can also spend your night inside the grillkota. So just light up the fire, invite your guests and family and enjoy your evening by telling unforgettable stories.

When quality matters

Arctic Finland House has manufactured garden houses since 1996 and during these years all of our products have been developed based on our customers’s feedbacks. We combine unique, modern and quality in the same product.