Camping Barrel Kristina

When you are looking for a small, quick solution to your accommodation needs, the Camping Barrel is like a little shed made just for you. The Julia has beds for two and the Kristina has beds for four. Both also have a small vestibule and a terrace. The Camping Barrel is definitely also a favourite place for children. The Camping Barrel will be delivered as a whole to your site. All you need to do is to prepare a flat place for it. The solid construction of the Camping Barrel and its quality windows provide a warm and comfortable shelter for overnight stays.




Camping barrel Kristina is a fast way to add some extra room for your guests’s in your own garden. Camping barrel Kristina offers an unforgettable experience for your friends or family. Kristina is easy to place in your own yard and because it comes as a whole barrel you can just place the barrel where you want it. Kristina comes with two separate beds and one double bed.

When quality matters

Arctic Finland House has manufactured garden houses since 1996 and during these years all of our products have been developed based on our customers’s feedbacks. We combine unique, modern and quality in the same product.