Grillcabin 9 + Sauna

The outdoor sauna has traditionally been part of the yard of a Finnish home. It is a place where you can relax and relieve the stresses of a busy day, enjoying company and having a gentle bath. In saunacabin you can really indulge in the oxygen-rich and gentle steam of the sauna. You won’t want to leave! Nothing beats the steam and atmosphere of the Combicabin. The sauna is suitable even for a large party, and after the sauna it is nice to prepare a meal for the sauna bathers and enjoy a happy evening in the warmth of the grill fire.

Saunacabin 9 m²

Grillcabin 9 m² + sauna

Combicabin 17 m²

Grillcabin 9 m² + sauna

Grillcabin 9 m² + sauna is a perfect combination of Grillcabin and Finnish sauna. Grillcabin offers you plenty of room to prepare your meal with real fire and enjoy your time with your friends and family. After some bbq you can enjoy the pleasant warm steam in a real Finnish sauna. Sauna is build inside the same building so you can just change your clothes, open the sauna’s door and sit on the benches. Sauna holds up to 4 persons at the same time and the stove is heated by wood. You can even spend your night in the grillcabin if you want to experience something you have never done before.

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